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 Things boys should know....!!

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ThE MaStEr Of EnGiNeErs
ThE MaStEr Of EnGiNeErs

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PostSubject: Things boys should know....!!   Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:41 pm

-Never say u love me, if u really dont mean it.
-Never hold my hands, if u're going 2 break my heart
-Never talk abt feelings, if they r'nt really there
-Never look in my eyes, if all u do is lie.
-Never say ur going 2, if u dont plan 2 start.
-Never say forever, cause 4ever makes me cry.
-If u really mean 4ever then say u'll try

-u shouldn't forget birthdays & anniversary.
-u shouldn't say "I'll call u" when u know u wont.
-u should be a little jealous.
-u should be honesty "its impossible tab3an but do ur best"

-Dont call = Dont care

-Sometimes even when u think we hate u,we dont,we just want u 2 appologize so we can be allowed to love u more than before.

-Silent treatment + shoulder shrugs + tears + yelling + nasty looks = U DID SOMETHING WRONG!

-Don't lie 2 us..we'll catch u.

-We really hate it when u talk in a lousy way infront of ur friends just 2 prove its all under ur control.

-If u wanna end a relationship then dont say:
*2e7na mab2nash zay el 2wel.
*2enty testahly a7sn menny.
*ana ba7ebek bas mesh hayenfa3 nekamel
*u deserve the best..bla bla bla
-Never end a relationship by sayin' "7'alina 2e7'wat 2a7san"
NEVER EVER u'll b her brother after being her lover, if its really true love.

-Sometimes if we asked u to only be friends, then its we feel the same towards u but afraid or shy 2 tell u.

-Treat us like angels & we'll show u what heaven is really like.

-The only person who can control the relationship is u.

-Stop making excuses 4 a guy/gurl and his behavior.

-Eventually,every girl wants one guy 2 meet all her needs, while every guy wants all the girls 2 meet his one need.!!

-Things u should do 2 ur girl:
*Touch her waist.
*Talk to her.
*Laugh with her.
*Give her your jacket.
*share secrets.
*Hug her.
*kiss her slowly.
*Invite her in a romantic place.
*Buy her lovely flowers without any reason.
*kiss her hands.
*Let her be with you when you're with your friends.
*Take pics with her.
*Pull her onto your lap.
*Make her feel loved.
*Take her anywhere she wants.
*Hold her close when she's cold.
*Always surprise her.
*When people diss her, stand up for her.
*Call her at night to wish her sweet dreams & at morning to wish her good day.
*Comfort her when she cries and wipe away her tears.
*Take her for long walks at night.

Wanna say smth 2 girls also: TAKE CARE OF UR LOVE although u'll live in a black life.

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Things boys should know....!!
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